PPC Management Toronto

Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) professionals partner with our clients to deliver the most effective PPC management programs. We uphold industry-wide ethical business standards and combine industry best practices with in-house research and technology to deliver winning campaigns. From campaign creation to optimization testing, Sabree Media is committed to excellence.

Our SEM services are designed to increase traffic and, more importantly, increase conversions.

We provide clients with:

Advanced Optimization – Sabree Media ensures the most efficient campaign performance by employing both rules-based and portfolio-based bidding algorithms

Call Conversions – Sabree Media’s technology tracks the clicks to that turn into phone calls. Optimize online spending by evaluating which keyword groups lead to offline phone calls.

Creative Copy Writing – Our SEM professionals draw on their deep experience to write and optimize highly effective, web-focused ad copy to increase relevancy in search engines.

Landing Page Creation – We identify the most compelling landing pages for our clients’ customer base and then create comprehensive landing page solutions that speak to all our clients’ core audiences.

Campaign Organization – By taking the time to truly understand our clients’ businesses, we develop the most sophisticated campaign architecture for optimal performance.

Testing & Evaluation – We employ both A/B and Multi-Variant testing on an ongoing basis in all our campaigns as we seek the right formula for long-term success.

The Benefits of Effective Paid Search Advertising

Immediate Results – PPC advertising ensures your ad will be seen on your selected keywords in real time.

Flexible Ad Spending – Manage your advertising spending each month with controlled spending budgets.

Targeting – Effective & flexible ad messaging allows your company to be relevant to many different types of customers with a single online campaign.

Measurable Results – All PPC activity is easily monitored with our conversion optimization system. By tracking both website click-through conversion and telephone calls, you can determine your true ROI.

Increased ROI – Sabree Media employs both rules-based and portfolio-based optimization techniques that can increase your return over time.

When Should You Use Paid Search Advertising?

Paid search advertising is an ideal marketing solution in many scenarios. It may be employed as a stand-alone Internet marketing tool or in conjunction with a larger online program. These are the most common objectives of a paid search campaign:

  • New Client Acquisition
  • Lead Generation
  • Complimenting Search Engine Optimization Efforts
  • Generate Product Awareness
  • Increase Brand Equity
  • Improve Customer Retention & Loyalty


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