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At Sabree Media, we understand that having a clear road map to success is a business asset. We’ll design a system unique to your business that is focused on traffic, sales and growing your online channels. We use the most modern keyword research tools to identify the best possible keywords with traffic that is hungry to buy your products or services. We use key indicators such as “Commercial Intent” to focus on markets that are at the end of their decision making process and ready to purchase. Our technology will give your company a competitive edge.

Website Optimization

This process takes place behind the scenes. This is very similar to understanding the mechanics of a fine car. If you want to increase the speed of the vehicle what would you do? Would adding comfortable leather seats to your car make it accelerate faster? Would changing the colour of your vehicle make it faster? Of course not, right? These things would make the vehicle more astatically appealing but would not result in a faster vehicle. The primary source that drives the vehicle is the engine. This is also true with your website. Making your site look nicer is not going to increase your traffic. The key to your website attracting more traffic is optimizing both on page and off page factors. Understanding the different programming languages such as CSS, HTML and PHP is needed in order to structure your site so the search engines find and rank your content. A basic breakdown of on page optimization is:

  • Creating or modifying meta tags and image alt tags
  • Modifying existing Title Tags to coincide with your keyword strategy
  • Improving internal linking structure and creating site maps
  • Making sure that there is no Duplicate content on the site

This list does go on so calling us is the best way to understand this for your business

Link Building

Were you ever part of the popular crowd in school or did you ever want to be? Well your website wants nothing more than to be popular. In fact, this is the basic “building block” of link building. Having links from well-developed and highly ranked websites linking back to your website is one of the major factors contributing to your site’s popularity or high search engine rankings. This link development is absolutely essential to your website’s success and is a major part of the optimization service that we offer. A high quantity of quality links can be developed through a variety of means, including:

  • One-way links from directories and other related sites
  • Reciprocal link exchanges with related sites
  • Fee-based directory submissions
  • External blog entries and general articles

SEO Progress Reports

The best way to determine how good of a job we are doing for you is to provide progress reports. We start with a baseline report that shows you how your site ranks prior to optimization. We will provide additional reports on a monthly basis. Throughout your SEO optimization process, we will monitor your results to make sure you are on the right track. Have you ever been kept in the dark about something? It’s not fun is it? We don’t think so either. That’s why we will be in touch with you via phone or email and provide you with project updates periodically. As an optional service, we also offer installation of Google Analytics on your website for detailed traffic reporting. If you require more detailed statistical reporting, we have contracted a service that allows you to track your site’s visits to the minute.

Additional SEO Services

Looking for a way to really boost your sites SEO capability? We may also offer the following services on a case-by-case basis:

  • Article writing and submission to article directories
  • Blog postings and/or creation
  • Press release writing and distribution


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